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Election of Dane County Towns Association 2017-19 Board of Directors

Posted: April 7, 2017

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, pursuant to Article IV of the By-Laws of the DCTA, that the Association shall hold its biennial election of Directors on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the new Verona Town Hall, 7669 County Highway PD, Verona, WI 53593.

The DCTA Board of Directors consists of seven (7) members. Any elected Town Chairperson, Supervisor, Clerk or Treasurer is eligible to seek election to the Board. An appointed Town Administrator, Clerk or Treasurer may seek election with approval of the Town Board by whom they were appointed.

The Board is elected from seven (7) Districts. The incumbent Director and their town is listed.
District 1 – Bristol, Burke, Sun Prairie, Windsor and York. [Jerry Derr, Bristol].
District 2 – Blooming Grove, Cottage Grove, Deerfield, Dunn and Medina [Steve Anders, Cottage Grove]
District 3 – Albion, Christiana, Dunkirk, Pleasant Springs, and Rutland [Ted Olson, Dunkirk]
District 4 – Blue Mounds, Montrose, Oregon, Petty and Primrose [Alex Elkins, Primrose].
District 5 – Madison, Middleton, Springdale, Verona [Tim Roehl, Middleton].
District 6 – Berry, Black Earth, Cross Plains, Springfield and Vermont [Jim Pulvermacher, Springfield]

District 7 – Dane, Mazomanie, Roxbury, Vienna, Westport. [Tom Wilson, Westport].

The Director position for District 5 is open because Mr. Roehl was not reelected to the Town of Middleton Board. In other Districts, it is up to the individual directors to communicate their interest in seeking re-election to their Districts.

The Board meets monthly and as needed. Meetings are scheduled to meet the calendars of the Board. They have been held on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. Board members establish policy of the DCTA on pending issues, set the budget of the Association, represent the Association on important issues, and oversee the Association’s consultants. Board members are expected to attend Board meetings and to contribute expertise and interest in various areas of town government. It is highly desirable that Board members be willing to attend meetings of state and county committees or agencies on behalf of the Association. Board members receive an honorarium of $50 per meeting, including Board meetings and meetings of other bodies as Association representatives.

The Towns included in each district caucus to elect a director. Towns must be current on their membership dues to vote. Each town has one vote. If there is a difference of opinion among the Town supervisors present, the Town’s vote is cast according to the majority of Town Board members from a town present and voting.

The DCTA has a President and a Vice President. Those officers are elected by the Board of Directors from within the Board membership. They will be elected at the Annual Meeting after the Board of Directors is elected.

Date:  January 2017

ZLR (Zoning and Land Regulation Committee) Policy Changes
CUP Appeals:  The ZLR recently proposed changing the process for Conditional Use Permit (CUP) appeals.  The goal was to remove the County Board from the appeal process.  The initial proposal was to have CUP appeals go directly to Circuit Court for Certiorari review.   DCTA opposed the change during the committee process and worked with staff on an amendment to have appeals go to the County Board of Adjustment (BOA) and avoid the expense and time of court.  The BOA is a well-regarded body made up of appointed town officials.  They already act in a quasi-judicial capacity, have detailed procedures and timelines, and the BOA process is significantly less expensive then Circuit Court.

Rules for Town Officials:  The DCTA requested a change (made January 2017) to the ZLR Committee rules to require that Town officials wishing to speak at ZLR meetings are officially allowed to do so.   

Maintaining Recommended Attendance:  The ZLR considered changing its policy regarding a petitioner (or agent) attendance at public hearings from “recommended” to “required.”  The DCTA opposed this change.  In most situations it is advisable for the petitioner to attend, however there are noncontroversial proposals that do not necessitate a trip into Madison and significant time spent at a ZLR public hearing.  There was no reason to remove the choice to attend.

Farmland Preservation
DCTA is continuing to work with the town of Dunkirk to assess farmland protection options including Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) and Transfer of Development Rights.  Dunkirk is planning an educational meeting on March 19, 2017 to talk with residents about interest in developing a town program.

Review of CARPC’s Groundwater Protection Planning Framework Appendix G: Groundwater Element of the Dane County Water Quality Plan
DCTA reviewed the proposed plan and worked to get changes to several open ended policy statements that could have had unforeseen impacts or unanticipated future interpretation.

Town Zoning
The DCTA is continuing work with the towns interested in opting out of County Zoning.  A new Zoning Code has been drafted and the documents needed to readopt comprehensive plans, adopt an official town map, and adopt the new zoning code have been drafted.  A contract for zoning administration with detailed costs for work by General Engineering is being reviewed.  Other important details of withdrawal related to GIS and Farmland Preservation continue to be addressed including coordination with DATCP for Farmland Preservation Program approval of the zoning code.

Now that DaneCom is up and running, DCTA is tracking how the County deals with the operations and maintenance costs.  How these costs are calculated and allocated is an important financial issue for towns.

Dane County Zoning Code Revision
DCTA is continuing to attend (with subcommittee representatives from Vermont, Roxbury and Pleasant Springs) meetings of the subcommittee working to re-write the County Zoning Code.  Significant zoning code changes are being discussed from reducing the number of events allowed under Ag. Entertainment to setting a number of domestic pets allowed before a kennel license is needed.

2016 Meeting Calendar

January 18, 2017

(Middleton Town Hall)

Membership Meeting

February 15, 2017

(Blooming Grove)

Exec Board Meeting

March 15, 2017

Exec Board Meeting

April 12, 2017


Exec Board Meeting

May 17, 2017

(Verona Town Hall)

Annual Meeting
June 21, 2017

Exec Board Meeting

July 19, 2017Exec Board Meeting

August 16, 2017

Membership Meeting
September 20, 2017Exec Board Meeting

October 18, 2017

Membership Meeting
November 15, 2017Exec Board Meeting
December 13, 2017Exec Board Meeting

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